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Loss of the Family Home Through Remarriage

A common problem arises among couples after one of them passes away. As life moves on it is quite usual for the survivor to remarry or find a new partner at some point. Given that marriage automatically revokes any previous Will and that the new relationship usually results in a new Will, it is common for the newly arrived partner to inherit what was originally the family home. Experience shows that the new partner nearly always leaves all the assets - including what was the original family home - to his or her own chosen beneficiaries rather than to yours. Your children have thereby lost their inheritance and the family home.

Secure Your Children's Inheritance

If you would prefer to secure your children's inheritance in the event your spouse or partner remarries, you have to address that specifically with a Trust within your Will. And what if you have children from a previous relationship and now have a new partner? Do you want to secure your children's inheritance without jeopardising the roof over your partner's head? These are all matters we can address during your home visit. And yes, it is fair to secure everyone's position, but that can only be done with good advice and a properly constructed Will.

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