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Advice on Preparing for your appointment

All you need to prepare before our home visit or telephone appointment is a list of the full names and addresses of the people you wish to include in your Will, because we will do the rest for you -- making a will has never been simpler! However, it is helpful if you organize your thoughts and consider the following:

1. Have you made a list of the exact names (including middle names), addresses and telephone numbers of those you wish to include in your Will? The correct spelling is required. Yes/No

2. You will need to appoint one or more persons to act as Executor/s. Have you thought about who you would appoint to carry out your wishes as expressed in your Will? Yes/No

3. As most people appoint a spouse, partner, friends or adult children as Executor/s would you like to know more about our Probate Help and Advice Service? Yes/No

4. If you have children under 18 years old have you thought about suitable guardians? Yes/No

5. If in later life you were to require Residential Care would you like to protect your property as much as possible against the 1990 Community Care Act and therefore still have something to leave your family? Yes/No

6. As the main part of your Will (the residue) is distributed to your beneficiaries in percentages or fractions (shares), you do not need to work out any specific sums or amounts of money. However, if you do wish to leave specific bequests of money to certain individuals, have you decided on amounts and to whom? Yes/No

7. Do you want to give members of your family the legal authority to look after your financial affairs if you become unable through illness, accident or old age? Yes/No

8. Have you thought what should happen if a beneficiary predeceased you? Yes/No

9. Do you think safe storage of your will is a good idea? Yes/No

10. Do you want to express your preferences to your doctors and family about medical treatment in the event of not being able to make a decision yourself due to a severe illness or accident? Yes/No

11. Do you have a specific request concerning your funeral arrangements? Yes/No

12. Do you wish to arrange for the care of your pets so that they can continue to be looked after by those whom you have decided are suitable carers? Yes/No

13. If you are concerned about Inheritance Tax, consider the value of your property including your house, furnishings, investments and other assets. Deduct your major debts to arrive at a net value. Would you like to know how Inheritance Tax may affect you Yes/No

14. Do you have business interests that you would like to include in your Will? Yes/No

15. If you are including Charities in your Will, have you listed their full name, address and registered charity number on your list of names and addresses? Yes/No

Why Make a Will?

Leaving the law to sort out what should have been done by will guarantees to burden your family with unexpected legal costs and disagreements, and all these at a time when the stress is the least welcome. Instead of “automatically” going to those you think will inherit, if you don’t have a will, your immediate family may have to share your estate with your extended family – dependent upon Court decisions. This may include people you have no wish to provide for.

A Variety of Reasons to Make a Will


There is nothing "automatic" about your family getting everything; instead they will be faced with an intestacy to resolve and unexpected legal costs at a time when least needed. Without a will, you'll be leaving your family a legacy of disagreements and turmoil. Our team can assist you in preventing this from happening.

Married Couples

Without a will, if you have children, your spouse may only inherit half your estate. If you have no children, your spouse may have to share your estate with his or her in-laws and other claimants. If you want to rest assured that your spouse will receive everything or otherwise sort out the distribution of your estate, our will writing services can help.

Unmarried Couples

Unless you have made your Will, your common law partner may get nothing at all from your estate! Even if you have children together and have lived with one another for decades, "Common Law" partners have no rights of inheritance whatsoever without a Will. Guarantee the security of your partner with our convenient and affordable wills.


If you don't make a will, your separated husband or wife will directly inherit part of your property and may have continuing rights in part of the rest of your estate. Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that your assets will go to whomever you choose with our will making services.


Without a will, your ex-spouse may legally claim against your estate. Similar to the situation presented above, a will is a great way to prevent your ex from inheriting your property.


Without a will, a court will decide who should bring up your children. You should always appoint guardians for all children under eighteen years of age. Our team can visit you at home to discuss how to protect and safeguard your children, should the worst happen.


Unless you make a will, your family, friends or preferred charities may not benefit.

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